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General rules

  • In particular, all forms of transphobia, misogyny, homophobia, racism, fat-shaming, ableism, engaging in targeted harrasment, and any kind of oppressive slurs are strictly prohibited.
  • Porn and nudity are allowed, but must have a CW. Lolicon and sexual discussions or depictions of minors are never allowed.
  • Content Warning must be used for the following topics:
    • violence in text or media
    • bigotry, including but not limited to transphobia, sexism, racism, homophobia, sizeism, ableism, and classism in text or media
    • physical or mental health, including but not limited to eating disorders, suicide, illness or injuries
    • sexual content in text or medias

Reporting content / abuse

You can report a toot by using the built-in "report" button, which appears under every toot ("three dots" button). Please include a descriptive comment, so we can better understand what's going on.


Toots violating our Code of Conduct can be removed by moderators. Depending on the reported violation, your account may be suspended or silenced.