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Animal Crossing 

Having second-thoughts about all-duck town, maybe go all-elephants.

Either way this'll be my first town without Kabuki and Kiki :acnl_distress:

'Let the bodies hit the floor', but it's 'Get the doona on the couch'.

'Samash that flush button' said the Youtuber

My new hobby is taking Go Betweens lyrics and making them about poo.

Caught most of an interesting doco film on NITV on......Friday? Called My Life As I Live It. Apparantly a follow-up to an earlier film called My Survival As An Aboriginal. They should both be up for streaming on the SBS website.

I feel like wearing the largest shirt in the world.

Fund raising, bushfires, First Nations 

Here's a gofundme for 'Fire Relief Fund for First Nations Communities':

If you're in Melb and don't wanna use gofundme, Colour (North Melbourne) are doing some events where the door money will be pitched-in.



You don't actually have to use eventbrite, you can just buy tickets at the door.

Has anyone ever _not_ lost a tape measure???

Done a wee blog post on my terrible attempt to do a drawing a day (I like the drawings, it's just that I didn't keep it up):

(the CSS on my blog's a mess, cripes)

Here're the first four of the six images (no captions, sorry. They're some abstract doodles in Tux Paint):

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