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I feel like wearing the largest shirt in the world.

Fund raising, bushfires, First Nations 

Has anyone ever _not_ lost a tape measure???

Done a wee blog post on my terrible attempt to do a drawing a day (I like the drawings, it's just that I didn't keep it up):

(the CSS on my blog's a mess, cripes)

Here're the first four of the six images (no captions, sorry. They're some abstract doodles in Tux Paint):

Been messing with some Wii homebrew and there's a port of Tonematrix--

--and it has multiplayer!

Really fun to chill out with.

I watched a Meat Loaf concert thing called Storytellers is was amazing.

Dunno why I called it a synth, it's a controller....

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Here is my friend, they're a button.

It's the one from the Gesture Arcade synth. Nice person who makes it sent me a link to where they got them from :D

You can hear them in this vid ~2 minutes in. Click-thunk click-thunk

Not just gotta figure out how to order off taobao:

write up on the new gab instance <> 

Alright here's everything I got a key for (in the replies to this), all steam except where noted, nothing guaranteed to work. Send a public reply if you want something, and I'll DM you the key.

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