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write up on the new gab instance <> 

Alright here's everything I got a key for (in the replies to this), all steam except where noted, nothing guaranteed to work. Send a public reply if you want something, and I'll DM you the key.

Wanna help out on Thanksgiving Day to an AfroIndigenous person?

Boost and/or donate to my "On the Road to PhD" gofundme


🎵 It's getting cold in here,
I'm wearing all your clothes 🎵

Instance Rejection

We have become aware of an instance called “”. This instance is run in a similar fashion to another blocked instance, “”. This instance is run by TRANS EXCLUSIONARY RADICAL FEMINISTS. The instance explicitly regards transgender men as women, and transgender women as men, per policy.

Per Wolf Howl’s Prohibited Content Policy:

Content which aims to discriminate, incite harassment against, or upset people based on their: race, nationality, sex, sexuality, gender identity, gender expression, disabilities, genetics, or other factors that they cannot control., as a matter of policy and administration, refuses to abide by our policies and will be defederated immediately. Thank you for understanding! Stay safe wolf pack! Awoo~

Decided to ease myself into learning how to make music in #pico8 by making a wind chime program.

...making metallic sounds is pretty difficult, it turns out. Will have to decide if I want to use this marimba-like sound or to keep experimenting...

Any audio engineers/musicians out there in the fediverse??? 🎼

Any tips on recording vocals? This is a pretty general question on purpose but I'm interested if anyone has an interested tricks to recording good vocals in the home studio.

I'm not new to this and I have some good gear already. I'm just curious as to what fun stuff you have tried.

#MastoMusic #Music #MusicProdution

Advances in science mean an historic collection of bull semen is no longer required by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, and will now be auctioned to raise money for the charities Drought Angels, the Queensland Country Women’s Association and Beyond Blue.

Taking animal crossing commissions!

Starting at $40 for villagers which are for animals only, wearing just a shirt (or just pants?)

or $50 for mayors which can be animals or people in a full outfit, plus the bubble hands, you know the ones

Selfies/pet pics/sona sheets/picrew icons make great visual reference!

Email me at ☺️

#mastoart #commissions #animalcrossing

I'm still looking for an illustrator or illustrators for my website! If you read this and it inspires you in a visual way, I'd love to talk about collaborating! Can possibly compensate!

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