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I tried to get Talk to Transformer to generate a list, and it produced something terrifying.

This homemade photolithographic integrated circuit process is some of the most important work being done in the open hardware & making community at the moment. Amazing dedication and work by the author Sam Zeloof.

institutional transphobia 

The EEZ Bench Box 3 is such a beautiful open hardware modular bench power supply! I'm in awe. Their documentation is simply perfect: (see the sidebar for details on its components)

I need this in my lab.

They run a crowdsupply campaign:


I guess it's int'l mens day 

I guess it's int'l mens day 

Thought of the day 

If you know even a little about Australia's history, you'll know that MANY massacres were carried out by white pastoralists and other settlers against local Aboriginal populations. This article in the Guardian today talks (in detail) about how some of the massacres were carried out, and reminds us that nearly all the perpetrators never faced the slightest consequence for what they did. Warning, obviously, that some might find the material within distressing.

“ is a free, simple, and anonymous audio hosting service, built to fill the space between Tumblr and SoundCloud and to provide a similar experience to Pastebin. “

Also I finally got a pic of the Boo graf. in North Melbourne.

Like I mentioned last time: gosh it looks fun to draw!

I like my garden as a place to experiment with plant combinations in case I can ever actually afford a house. Pots are easy to shift around, and also let you play with height.

This photo is the current blob of garden I like to stare at:—

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