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job opportunity for queer illustrators of color, birdsite boost 

Witches Live/Yesterday 

White supremacists, Nazism, alt-right, banality of evil 

people make all these fancy minecraft shaders, but i just want a psx-looking one

Hey, does anyone know of any projects which utilizes an equity based model for distributing funds within the project?

We're researching it for #Florence, as it's how we'd like to distribute funds, and are looking to see if there are other projects we can get inspired by, or if we need to start from scratch (Why reinvent the wheel?).

Thanks in advance for any response, and boosts 💞

Saying "any pronouns are fine!" doesn't make you a good ally 

Just made another post to my blog. This time I talk about networks of trust, federation, and anti-harassment.

Hi contrast ratio alone is not a good metric for legible text, thanks.

Like basically most every toot by that contrast ratio bot is annoying for me to read.

Found this Kickstarter for a DRM-free, fully open-source (hardware and software) eReader. Also designed to be waterproof and easily repairable.

i think thinking of works as moments which are experienced and responded to by a culture demonstrates how silly the entire project of archiving actually is

as if capturing a work will somehow capture the moment along with it, instead of just completely removing it from any and all context

i think if all of the time and money and energy that went into archival went into chronicling instead, actually making record of moments as they happen, the world would be one heck of a more interesting place

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Hey, so I'm mapping out a website that'd be like an up-to-date version of

But I don't feel like I have a great name, any suggestions?

So far I've got:

- tool recs specs (like X-Ray Spex, gettit)
- findy pants

Doesn't have to reference clothing, just thought that was a nice little homage.

instance-finding request 

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