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"How can our new cleaning eraser product possibly compete with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?"

"Gentlemen... it's time to turn subtext... into text."

"Wait. We're going with Eraser Daddy, is that what you're saying?"

"Yes, but get a load of this: the boys in accounting have given the go-ahead on our price point."

send me interesting self-contained C code that could run on ZZ9000’s Cortex-A9 now or never (graphics, algorithms)!

Link: The best landslide videos of 2019 - The Landslide Blog 

labyrinth of the witch has what appear to be fairly classic room 'n' corridor maps, but i'm really curious about the tendency the hallways have to combine and align into major trunks. does anyone have good ideas for how to go about this sort of thing?

brutaldon development 

The 'Artist Gallery' on the Tux Paint website is lovely:

I was gunna pick some out, but too many great ones :acnl_showy:

what about freedom *from* speech. shut up

If you wanna be my lover-- 

i wrote a thing on making a change to your instance's max character limit. if you did it differently or have feedback on how i could do it better, that would be greatly appreciated

#mastodev #mastoadmin

Based on feedback from the community we have now completed our moved from IRC to Matrix. 🎉

To confirm, we have now closed the #glimpse IRC channel on Freenode.

If you want to join the project’s discussion channel you’ll find us on Matrix at

[fascists approach a diverse* community]

marginalized: close the gates!
privileged: We don't know if that's the best thing to do!

m: they're getting in
p: We can reason with them!

p: Have you tried reasoning with them? They seem reasonable, when we debate them.
m: they're threatening my safety i'm going to leave

p: We're just doing our best
m: i'm leaving

p: Hmm the conflict stopped. Our best must've worked! Go us!

* containing both marginalized and privileged communities within itself.

i want a social media that lets you Build together instead of just talk

new bad instance PSA, block recommendation 

instance blocks, gab 

Extremely emotionally affecting piece of art at my local thrift store

New Gab instance 

Art friends! I want to hire someone to make an album cover for a children's music single. It should depict a wiener dog riding a motorcycle through the countryside, ideally in a line-art-with-watercolor style sort of like the Red Bull commercials. This will, of course, be a paying job. I can provide a rough/inept sketch of what I want.

Also, needs to be square and at least 3000x3000 pixels.

Anyway let me know if you're interested and what your rates are. Boosts okay.

Melbourne, ASRC, volunteering 

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