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And here's an album of original PC Speaker music! Video + download + *actual program w/ source*

Would any open source developers, and/or mastodon instance maintainers be interested in trying out large-scale consensus-building tools I'm working on?

Other feedback regarding what you know about #xmpp and/or #matrix from an #accessibility perspective is also very welcome!

We're gathering feedback in order to make a good move away from Discord asap.

If there's other #FLOSS recommendations which serve a similar purpose they are also welcome.

Gargron/Fediverse hot take (397 words, one swear) 

PESTILENCE: what's that horrible smell
FAMINE: it's war... he's been wearing the same gross clothes for ages
PESTILENCE: what the hell man... change your clothes
WAR: war... war never changes

ࣧࢣࢣࣧࣧࣧࣧࣧࣧࢣࣧࢣࣧࢣࣧࣧࣧࣧࣧࢣ ࣧࢣࣧࢣࢣࣧࣧࢣࢣࢣࣧࢣࣧࢣࣧࣧࢣࣧࣧࣧ ࢣࣧࣧࣧࣧࢣࢣࢣࣧࢣࣧࢣࢣࢣࣧࢣࢣࢣࣧࢣ ࣧࢣࢣࢣࢣࣧࣧࣧࣧࢣࢣࣧࢣࢣࢣࣧࢣࢣࢣࣧ ࣧࢣࢣࢣࣧࣧࢣࢣࢣࢣࣧࣧࣧࢣࣧࢣࣧࣧࢣࣧ ࣧࢣࣧࣧࢣࣧࢣࢣࣧࣧࣧࣧࣧ

BTW if anyone has experience tricking old BIOSes that only know two possible hard disk geometries into booting from a big compact flash card, hit me up

I’ve been frustrated at how difficult it is to log stuff for debugging when your only video card is currently in use, so I grabbed a null modem cable, connected my *other* 286, a Toshiba T3100e with a very dead hard drive but a working boot floppy, and wrote a dumb serial port byte-banging routine

meta, venting 

Doing the dishes
Cleaning my studio
Craving thick rainforest air

The conquest of artisan spelt and rye sourdough

I hate people taking my picture 96% of the time anyway, but when I see people taking pictures of crowds at protests my first thought is 'are you doing a shift for ASIO deliberately?'.

invasion day, me grumpt at Socialist group highjacking again 

Me: [significant research, framing the context, typing it all out, citing examples]

OSS Maintainer: But it’s ugly.

Me: [tries another angle and performs significant research, framing the context, typing it all out, citing examples]

OSS Maintainer: But it’s ugly.


There's a police-themed billboard for studying criminology at a Uni called ACAP and why has that not been edited yet???

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