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‪By emphasizing the importance of a clearly defined and well-practiced foundation or “structure”, the dialectical materialism of Marxist thought is the obvious ideological core of Yoga With Adriene. In this essay I will... ‬


@pass_it_on looks like you've found somewhere? if you ever need to move again i'd totally love to host the wiki, it's a cool project!

anyway, yeah, cool project! i look forward to adding some local resources!

Thinking about that one old Bible story where an Epic Javascript Guy’s pissed-off irony gf cuts his beard off

Subtoot, techbros 

Had this horror thought train where you could taste stuff in Youtube videos and people with no money started to just eat dirt and flour and use YT to make stuff taste nice.

@shonalika Pretty sure this is the best Masto /Fedi explainer I've seen, great job!

@mike @sparkibee

This one (from the Taronga Zoo) looks a lot tidier that the wild ones on the telly too.

I'm realising there are a lot more cockies out there than I knew about. I'm gunna look up these crossbreads now!

Lock at this pretty cocky I just saw on Gardening Australia (Carnaby's black cockatoo):

I keep coming back to this thought:

If a Mastodon was focused on being a social space rather than a brand space you would have to be 'friends' with people (ie 'mutuals') rather than just 'follow' people.

Just having 'followers only' as a privacy option and no 'mutuals only' is totally bunk imo. Not totally against being able to follow people, but it should work like the RSS feed, like you just get the public posts.

You can't spell 'little kitty huffs' with out 'ffs'

All the icon files I currently have in my DosBox virtual HDD directory

I used to draw a little comic called Dead Guy.

Decided there's no point in it still using Wordpress, as I haven't updated it in years, so I've put them all on a single-page website.

I think it should be screen-reader friendly too, as the gag is mostly a text-based one. The strips that are more visual have alt-text that I hope is sufficient :)

Interesting that it's called spellchecking and not spellingchecking—

@makestuff Oh! Oh well! Thanks for being a good admin :) I'll miss this nice domain :(

heads up if you ever use gimp for redacting screenshots and the like 

When Does a Person of Color Get to Be an Expat?

Around the world, the term is often synonymous with White people from affluent countries.

I remember struggling with both this term and "immigrant" when I lived in Slovenia. I ended up embracing "foreigner" above all.

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