Creating things is the only avenue keeping me alive rn tbh

Anyways I’m poor and looking at huge life changes so please support my beadwork on my IG @amkonning


Is there a solid gallery app out there for Android? My phone came pre-loaded with Google Photos and nothing else and not only is it a shitty gallery app, it has basically no editing capability.

Help a goblin out?


My twitter thread 2018 blogging roundup thread... now without the twitter

Finally getting round to watching some vids from last year's Linux Audio Conference.

Good stuff here if you, like me, are still struggling a bit with making music on #Linux

I'd really like to change my main language to one where I don't have to hear the ss noise. I really annoys my ear. Sh noise is fine though.

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I used to play a bunch of Games Workshop stuff when I was a teen / early twenty. A big part of the appeal was making terrain, which's something I'd done anyway since I was a kid; making buildings and contraptions and things for toy cars and action figures. And I've never really lost the want to do it, I still hoard interesting looking bits of styrofoam and plastic and whatever. Thinking I'm gunna start doing something with all of it, or just turf it. Maybe use it in some videogames ?

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Hi! I've been looking to move off mast.soc for ages now now, but been waiting for the right combo on nice URL and COC. So here I am!

I'm an artist from Melbourne, Australia. For the past-- five? years I've mostly been doing web-based and game stuff. But I always at least have some little drawing or constructing or gardening project going to get me away from the computer.

I've hoping joining this instance will encourage me to share that stuff more!

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An instance for people that make stuff. Doesn't matter if you DIY, work on your car, your garden, do art, cook, make music, or anything else. Toot about it here