@faun Yeah god. half the time I find something interesting it's fucking electron.

Anyway, the one's I know about are:


and Prismo:

iirc they both have masto accounts too.

The year is 2192. The British Prime Minister visits Brussels to ask for an extension of the Brexit deadline. No one remembers where this tradition originated, but every year it attracts many tourists from all over the world.

It鈥檚 honestly so frustrating to find out just how much of the FOSS community belongs in a trash heap. The lack of empathy, of a sense of ethics beyond free software, is startling.

Everyone please write effusive reviews for my new game so I can rerelease a metal case version of it that says "grave of the year edition"

@LogicalDash Could still be bedbugs. I get them every now and then from work, and they seem to like my ankles. Just depends.

@faun I'll check my bookmarks... I remember seeing at least two.

@faun couple people are doing fedi compatible ones, might wanna hook in with those.

hey im looking to do a little research on hrt, if anyone can point me to some resources id appreciate that

(boosts also appreciated)

I'd like to get more into the whole wiki / memex thing, but sometimes it feels overwhelming to think about writing down notes about every possible subject. Do you all have good method, or a series of questions or categories, for narrowing down the content to something smaller than "everything I know"?

@jrc03c I started just making notes on how I fixed computer things, and interesting things that came up researching. The categories flowed naturally from there, and I just shift them when needed.

Right now the big ones are:

- form
- - song
- - videogame
- - - - kind
- - - - notes
- - www
- language
- organisation
- person
- place
- recipe
- tool
- - hardware
- - software

Seeing the different ways oeople organise/categorise is my fave thing about personal wikis

another one 

My favourite smell is my cat.
My favourite thing to look at is my cat.
My favourite thing to touch is my cat.
My favourite sound is my cat purring.
My favourite taste is sugarcane juice.

spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

I've listed some synth gear on ebay! 

It's time to M么si: zenzoa.itch.io/mosi

Just uploaded the 1.0 release to itch.io. It's a tool for creating little game worlds in your mobile or desktop browser, heavily inspired by Bitsy!

Hey! On Monday, I'll be in Coventry with Cristina Garriga. We'll discuss experimental #publishing as part of a free event from the Post-Publishing programme of the Centre for Postdigital Cultures from #Coventry uni.

Come say hi :)


as many of you know, I spent a week at the London XR rebellion, well I have finally written a short article on what I saw, what I feel about it and if XR is even worth it for us in the first place.
boosts very much appreciated

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