@red thanks for sharing this.

Had a beautiful, mostly gold-coloured German Shephard my dad found somewhere. Her teeth were messed up I think from being hit a lot. She was scared of everyone except my dad for a few months, and it took a few years for her to really trust us, but I remember the feeling I had when it changed. Remember those little glimpses of her being happy before that. She changed a lot when we got a puppy too. She was so sweet. Loved scratches under her chin. Special doggo.

Animal Crossing 

'Let the bodies hit the floor', but it's 'Get the doona on the couch'.

'Samash that flush button' said the Youtuber

Food, specifically cauliflower 

@superruserr yeah, I like doing similar things with the Celts or Polynesians :)

@SeanAloysiusOBrien jeez. i've noticed places interchanging 'state owned' and 'publicly funded' elsewhere too, depending on who they're talking about

@mike @sparkibee you can get stuff you mix up in two parts and pour over that sets clear and it good for tables. won't help for vertical surfaces unless you disassemble though

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