@winvi Sky Odyssey on the PS2 is my fave flyey game outside of the PilotWings series.

@WagonStar @winvi I shoulda added that the birdman mode in PilotWings 64 is very good, but you have to unlock it.

@WagonStar @winvi I played AER and it was pretty alright (and not too long).

@futzle hope you got a better-than-supermarket tomato source though. so many crummy tomatoes on this earth

@koosli i really think the government should keep a list of h/otels that don't have free biscuits and tea.

write up on the new gab instance <neenster.org> 

@Andrea Yeah, I been thinking about putting the electric blanket back on.

write up on the new gab instance <neenster.org> 

Alright here's everything I got a key for (in the replies to this), all steam except where noted, nothing guaranteed to work. Send a public reply if you want something, and I'll DM you the key.

@WagonStar I'd take Battletech + extras or Cities Skylines or Just Cause 3

@vega (i've been secretly doing this too, building it up bit by bit using a wiki to tie it together, expand on things, lay groundwork)

Wanna help out on Thanksgiving Day to an AfroIndigenous person?

Boost and/or donate to my "On the Road to PhD" gofundme



🎡 It's getting cold in here,
I'm wearing all your clothes 🎡

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