@luminesce I'm getting: 'Sorry, this survey is not currently active.'

Cooking, recipe advice 

@Funkpirata I like @Andrea 's idea, I'd also add another herb, something earthy like the sage. Maybe rosemary. Also lots of pepper :)

easy batch uploading with a CLI tool and a CSV file with info. Wanna do a big test this weekend...

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food question 

@stragu breadcrumbs? they're always useful. bread and butter pudding?

anyone in your street who has trouble getting to the shops?

4am breakthrough!!!

I have this big video project* that I've been wanting to get off Youtube and it only just occured to me to look into Internet Archive playlist embeds. They're real easy, and actually much better that YT's 'cause you can just feed it a list of links.

Just need to test if there're any limitations I haven't read about. Also hope there's an easy way to upload 1000+ videos, 'cause in the past getting stuff on there was fiddley


* videoworkscatalogue.ryliejamesthomas.net

@mike i reckon 80% of the carpets I've pulled up for work have had nice floorboards underneath. I blame the Britons?

Wished on a monkey paw for StreetPass for Switch and we got the COVID app for phones instead.

Sorry Australia.

@Inky_Doodle quite a deep cut refrence i reckon! the translators on AC have always been great though.

@pelagikat i made a lucky dip bin of all the unwanted tea bags. i hate it.

Updated my Animal Crossing page a bit, if you like Japanese pop music and AC and want a new town tune maybe you might like it?


Still gotta put up some pics from New Horizons.

Neighbours, cats, letterbox outing 

@Andrea Haha. My little cat sits at the gate now asking people she likes for pats. It's one of the rare times she's friendly with people who don't feed her.


@natsumisummer still only got four rooms, but yeah, i don't fuck with the stalk market

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