Done a wee blog post on my terrible attempt to do a drawing a day (I like the drawings, it's just that I didn't keep it up):

(the CSS on my blog's a mess, cripes)

Here're the first four of the six images (no captions, sorry. They're some abstract doodles in Tux Paint):

Here is my friend, they're a button.

It's the one from the Gesture Arcade synth. Nice person who makes it sent me a link to where they got them from :D

You can hear them in this vid ~2 minutes in. Click-thunk click-thunk

Not just gotta figure out how to order off taobao:

Also I finally got a pic of the Boo graf. in North Melbourne.

Like I mentioned last time: gosh it looks fun to draw!

I like my garden as a place to experiment with plant combinations in case I can ever actually afford a house. Pots are easy to shift around, and also let you play with height.

This photo is the current blob of garden I like to stare at:—

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