You know on Windows how you can press Ctrl and it'll spawn some contracting circles to show you where your mouse cursor is; is there a way to do that on Linux?

@rjt not what you are asking, but I copy/pasted a small utility from stackoverflow, that moves the mouse pointer (using XWarpPointer) by a specified relative delta_x/delta_y:

Warning: no error checking, if less than two arguments are provided then it may crash with out of bounds memory read. The fix is one line, something like ```if (! (argc > 2)) return 1;``` at the start of `main()`.

You can move the mouse cursor to the corners of the screen by specifying +/- huge numbers. From the top left corner you can move to the center of the screen by parsing the resolution from the output of `xrandr` (or you could hardcode values if you know your screen).

This solves the problem of "put mouse cursor in known position", not "find position of mouse cursor".

@mathr Thanks! That gives me some ideas if I wanna sit down and try to script something.

@rjt Don't know what window manager you're using, but may or may not contain the relevant setting for you.


gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.peripherals.mouse locate-pointer true
Use "false" to turn this off. This option should be in GNOME tweak tool too (Keyboard & Mouse section).

In Compiz: "Show cursor" plugin ("compiz-plugins-extra")

In KDE: default on, combination is Ctrl+Meta


Sorry, should've specified I guess, I'm not using a DE, I'm using i3.

Thanks though!

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