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Hi! I've been looking to move off mast.soc for ages now now, but been waiting for the right combo on nice URL and COC. So here I am!

I'm an artist from Melbourne, Australia. For the past-- five? years I've mostly been doing web-based and game stuff. But I always at least have some little drawing or constructing or gardening project going to get me away from the computer.

I've hoping joining this instance will encourage me to share that stuff more!

I wrote a thing about why I believe the best and most useful decentralized applications are going to be the ones that utilize multiple protocols. I imagine a world where ActivityPub, Dat, and Secure ScuttleButt are all seen as tools in a toolbox rather than as ecosystems, and what kind of amazing software we could build with them outside of the central/corporate paradigm.

Hello spring! 🌱 Opened my store again with some new stock — pouches, clear tape, card wallets and pillowcases 🌿🌸 Boosts greatly appreciated, thank you so much!

Today I found out about David Moore's mycology website, which not only has a lot of neat information about fungi, but also "the most complete and fully illustrated online catalogue of stamps and postal labels featuring fungi"!

I legitimately love this.

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I know at least a few of my followers use TiddlyWiki - has anyone used the Android app for editing? How is it? Do I need root on my phone to use it?

Also, how do I go about setting up remote access to the main TiddlyWiki? I don't really want mine to be public, or at least not fully public.

if i wanna test camo against facial recognition, which should i try? which is the most widely deployed? opencv with default haarcascades looks somewhat dumb to me, however i only used it with low quality videos.

i'd try rekognition, but i don't wanna contribute to their neural networks and face database..

If you haven't already seen it enjoy this footage of police in Bulgaria trying to use pepper spray and the wind blowing it back in their faces

Yesterday was my birthday and my son made me little clay figures of my EGA sprites!

This fancy little entity can create
[ornate portals] on physical surfaces with its [inscrutable technology].


You know on Windows how you can press Ctrl and it'll spawn some contracting circles to show you where your mouse cursor is; is there a way to do that on Linux?

Oh rad, there _are_ Firefox add-ons that let you auto switch specified pages to reader view!

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