Yeah, reminder that what gets often referred to as 'wilderness' is actually carefully planned and managed by indigenous peoples (all over the world).

(will not rant about European fear of nature I promise, that's like a thesis worth of stuff probably)

The Amazon is a 1000 yr indigenous crafted food forest. The most plentiful and diverse in the world. And it’s being set on fire for beef. Let that sink right the fuck in.

a neural net defines ANTICIPATION 

I tihnk I'm going to aquire all the Wii singing games.

Hey all, can anyone recommend an open source iOS app that uses the #TMDB API and allows you to rate movies and see your watchlist?

Big afternoon at the bird feeder. King parrots, rainbow lorikeets, galahs, and even a bush turkey flew up.

job opportunity for queer illustrators of color, birdsite boost 

Witches Live/Yesterday 

long grumbling about meta, racism 

White supremacists, Nazism, alt-right, banality of evil 

Fediverse friends, can anyone recommend F/LOS photo gallery software that I can run on my website? I am going to see if WordPress offers that sort of functionality, but other options would be welcome. I need to be able to password-protect the galleries and limit access as well. I don't have root access, so it would have to be PHP or CGI/Perl-based vel sim.

Thanks in advance!

people make all these fancy minecraft shaders, but i just want a psx-looking one

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