easy batch uploading with a CLI tool and a CSV file with info. Wanna do a big test this weekend...

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4am breakthrough!!!

I have this big video project* that I've been wanting to get off Youtube and it only just occured to me to look into Internet Archive playlist embeds. They're real easy, and actually much better that YT's 'cause you can just feed it a list of links.

Just need to test if there're any limitations I haven't read about. Also hope there's an easy way to upload 1000+ videos, 'cause in the past getting stuff on there was fiddley


* videoworkscatalogue.ryliejamesthomas.net

Wished on a monkey paw for StreetPass for Switch and we got the COVID app for phones instead.

Sorry Australia.

Updated my Animal Crossing page a bit, if you like Japanese pop music and AC and want a new town tune maybe you might like it?


Still gotta put up some pics from New Horizons.

The worst thing about is hearing Americans say 'Canberra'.

Animal Crossing 

Got my third room today.

Finally starting to organise my town up a bit, but haven't unlocked terraforming yet.

It makes me :) that when I visit islands or have visitors peopll all seem to be wearing facemasks.

Moved Kabuki in via Amiibo card, but I think I'll leave the rest to chance. Really happy with my villagers so far, even Tex the dickhead penguin is growing on my. There's a weird skeevy looking hippo I'm less fond of though...

Good documentary on Le Cinema Club at the moment, on Dora Boatemah, an activist for improving public houseing in Brixton.


All the April films on there are gunna be recent docos, so might wanna join the email list.

I think I like Dat more when I'm just using the CLI tools. There's lots more to do with the Beaker browser, but, I dunno, it feels kinda a weird combo of slick and messy.

Animal Crossing, dressups 

omg Able Sisters moved in today and the changes to the shop are amazing. Blew a lot of money dressing up :acnl_distress:

Getting an SD card after payday so I can finally share some pictures :acnl_trouble:

Animal Crossing 

omg the pinball machine actually shoots balls, and the palace wallpaper now has a cool paralax effect!!

but.... southern hemisphere seems broken?? like it still doesn't look autumny and there's no autumn event. maybe next month...

Animal Crossing 

Big day in AC. Got the vaulting pole, museum's being built, it's raining, so gunna fish off my loan, Gulliver's here, got a proper axe so started remodeling the trees, and about to go dodo to another island.

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Animal Crossing 

See an article saying midnight launch of Animal Crossing is cancelled.

Can't figure out why you'd want to be starting a game of AC at midnight???

Alcohol related, pub architecture 

Was looking into the history of tiling pub exteriors, and found this so-called 'random fact':


Person thinks it's because Australians kept pissing on the outsides.

Better research turns up that it's a late-Victorian fashion (and anyone who's been to the UK can tell you it's not an Australian thing...), and probably just a nice way to pretty up a building and save on maintenance costs.

Anyway, here's a nice blog:


Hi I'm making my own OS called Tux Paint OS it's good you do everything in one amazing program, spreafsheets, writing letters, making banners, TPOS can and will do it all

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