To Fediverse users who use screen readers: do you prefer people to integrate #hashtags inside the text, or....
do you prefer when they repeat the word by listing all the hashtags at the end, after the text?
Please boost.

Geepers, I was looking into WYSIWYG HTML editors to recommend to people and the landscape's pretty barren.

Then I remembered that I went through this before a year or two back.

BlueGriffon it is, I guess.

Played the multiplayer driving scavaging adventure makeout thing called BOMB DOLLS

It's really cool! And the soundtrack is great too!

Webrings I'd like: Personal Wiki Webring

What RMS, Torvalds and the like cost us 

I was just over excitedly rambling to starwall about how amazing precolumbian agriculture was with companion planting, biodiversity of crops to stop disease wiping them out, terraced farming in the Andes with different species bred to grow at different altitudes. white people fucking destroyed so many amazing methods of agriculture with huge monocultues and livestock that ravage an ecosystem in that they eat EVERYTHING and destroy it. Australia was very much the same but even more cool in how unique their agriculture was before white people literally made it into the desert it is now in just 200 years


✨ Event alert✨

One evening, Two launches, Three takes:
We are all very glad to invite you to the launch of the second issue of Networks of One's Own: three takes on taking care and Fed Up!, the 13th issue of the Pervasive Labour Union zine. We will celebrate this with an evening of stories and discussions around #networks and #maintenance practices.

Location: Varia, Gouwstraat 3 (Rotterdam)
Date: Saturday 28th of September
Time: 19:30h - 21:30h

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there was a post (here on fediverse, afair) about gnu gpl alternatives, but now i can't find it in my favorites or bookmarks. does anyone have the link?

picture of an insect, with eye contact I guess? 

for those who may be interested, 2 academic jobs in Bergen
-Associate professor in Digital Culture (Games Studies / Interactive Digital Narrative)
-Associate professor in Digital Culture (Electronic Literature)

the animal including grasshoppers finder has logged on

So I'm reading Katelyn Burn's Vox piece, and while it's mostly good, I wish (and maybe she doesn't have the background to do this) that TERFish positions could be broken down to their metaphysical premise, which is built around a very poor understanding of social construction-ism. And weird Eurocentrism.

did you know that there's a pair of peregrine falcons that nest in an alcove of 367 collins st, melbourne? and that you can watch them hatch and raise their chicks LIVE?

#melbourne #australia #birds

I wrote you a peom:

100ml Tomato Sauce Bottle Mockup in Bottle Mockups on Yellow Images Object Mockups

anyone here have resources for implementing screenreader accessible non-image content using LaTeX?

#accessibility , boosts appreciated

It is always useful to document what you did to make Free/Libre software work – or any software / hardware issue you resolved, really – and make it publicly available.
Yesterday, I was saved by a forum thread. I documented the process further in a blog post:
For 1 person who says "Thank you so much, you saved me!" in the comments, you made 10s of lives a tiny bit easier, and saved a bunch from giving up.

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