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whatever happened to the porsche regenbraking powered 80hp electric flywheel booster from like forever ago. can we please make this a thing in normal cars

get it get warm please i would like my summer tires back on

So I have a blue car that isn't fast, should I get a plate that says "sanic"?

How have I been using fish for over 3 years and never noticed this tab-completion view for env variables? 😅


Mentally replacing “smart” with “spy” in product categories

Spy Doorbell
Spy Thermostat

you: how come every time you sip on your straw your file transfer speeds up?


@jeff Mastodon will build a wall and make Pleroma pay for it

Its going to be raining in the 50s tomorrow. Rip my winter tires

today i saw a pig that looked like it had a human butt

I bought a new side cutter, because I lost my old one. You literally need a side cutter to open its hard-plastic packaging 😡

Who designed that shit?!

We should make #36c3 even more political, queer and feminist than #35c3 to drive those bro's away, that make it partly unsafe for people like me and minorities. I won't say make it less technical but get all kinds of people in that don't feel safe to attend yet. Flash news: feminist women can be hackers as well, we're not decoration or there for men's annoyance.

found another freezepeach chud

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