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I think my cars starter is going but im not sure

I cant wait until all this shit is over. Nothing like taking the day off for Comcast and HVAC shit

gotta power down all my vms and network equipment. im willing to bet something will break coming back up

linux trash post in the off chance you didnt know that your car tracks you with onstar or whatever your cars version is

i broke my nearly 20 year old multimeter by trying to turn on the backlight. new batteries dont fix it

Fascists and White Supremacists permitted on Facebook 

my car batter is a 2017 and is at 13.46v after 4 hours of charging. shits dead as fuck. sub 5lb lithium battery now?

lost my alligator clip so time to start a dust fire with my belt sander

holy shit amazon is weird. i have no idea how those are related to 10mm sockets

Just got a spam voicemail offering to pray for me. So that's a new one

I would have had to press 1 first though

i hate how doing things right is expensive as fuck

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