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instance suspension notice 

i seriously need to replace this one toilet i have. it is way too tall. also when you flush it sprays a little bit of water out which is really gross

Solar backpack thingy test go
We'll see if this even works
the idea is to VERY slowly charge a big battery in my backpack and then run as much of my stuff as possible off of it

gonna prefix this with im not an ee and it shows but i had no idea making a battery pack was this much work. also great scott makes good videos

CB350 rebuild going well so far. ^.^ (may or may not be rebuilding an engine in the living room.)

so, while the government is shutdown, are there any, like, laws about starting a new government

Im shocked it took someone this long to call Chevy out for their most reliable car commercial

i guess i should start thinking about that garden soon

the near future in which shitposters maintain shadow accounts where they post content intended solely to train their shitposting bot

Gonna make a ride share service called Drove. Cause like, past tense of "drive" but also "people are leaving in Droves."

looking for a scale and its weird how they picked kale that strangely looks like weed

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