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heres a life hack landlords have been hiding from you. dont want to pay rent? just kill your landlord

drama, meta 

you: small anti-fascist gathering

me, an intellectual: itty bitty gritty committee

i said i was going to install lineageos on my phone while home and i still havent...

Ended up putting a piece of plywood behind it, screwing it into the house and the caulking it.

No, its cool, drywall screws into the siding with no box is fine

so im going to take a shower and then replace this busted lamp. if i never post again i electrocuted myself

i like making soup out of leftovers. tomorrow is going to be a good day. unless i electrocute myself replacing the light that broke outside

i dont even know how old this is since i cant find it online, but i just blew out a "general electric 7 120w" bulb in my basement. it has to be at least 20 years old. probably double that

i like how ryobi makes a cordless 1/4 sheet sander but makita doesnt. my corded one is a pain in the ass to do something you cant move


im tempted to sell my bar for the price of supplies on craigslist and make a new one. ive learned a few lessons on bar making that would make a much nicer one

so turns out wood putty is a lot harder to use than i thought

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