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Even if this torque wrench breaks after 1 use I got a free battery. couldn't justify switching to makita

Switching cordless too brands is so expensive. I want a makita impact wrench :(

I hope there is a sale on electric torque wrenches.

If you're a leftist give this a like or something and I'll follow you bc ive been gone for ages and my feed is pretty quiet

got "red" lugs off amazon because i didnt want to pay 150$+ for real ones, got sent maroons ones, and now they want 5$ to return it. bullshit

i just watched some dude put 55psi into his summer tires...

so the mm or so the weather strip added to the bottom of the door means i cant dead bolt it without pulling on the knob. i guess time to bust out a dremel :\

so i didnt think of this before i did it, but covering the vents that are really draft, means the furnace doesnt click on as much meaning its colder in here.

major cities competing against each other for companies by offering decades of tax breaks seems like something that would lead to poor infrastructure, declining healthcare, and homelessness. oh, wait. right. it did.

how can i turn my lawn mower into a snow blower? they are more or less the same thing

Make Bezos Pay For His Own Shit 2020

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