@rjt naw in a car. my back wheel is picking up when i turn in really hard

holy shit my friends rx8 had 1 sparkplug with the tip broken off and all were black as shit

i feel like a shitter putting those worm gear clamps on my friends car but i cant find the radiator clamps even on the OEM site

the person infront of me buying an engine stand, engine jack, and an 1/2" impact is probably having a bad week

Well now my sink has a water filter attachment, the dishwasher can hook up AND its not leaking. Good to see it took 1/2 a weekend to work out the bugs. Also the leak was the dishwasher drainline

admin annoucement, instance blocks 

admin announcment 

@rjt yeah it was fun running but i dont think im going to renew the domain on the 18th

so i think im going to shut this instance down when the domain renews next month. sorry everyone

Good thing I put grass seed on the bare spots created from the mailperosn walking through my front yard. Its not like the storm washed 80% of it away

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