i wonder if making one of those solar heaters with cans is worth my time and effort.

call me a boyracer if you want but i really want to rally race

why are all these space heaters 1500w? thats over 10A but under 15.

if anyone wants the freecad designs for my bar hit me up. gonna start on my work bench designs soon

The sheetz near my work raised the e85 price 10c realitive to everyone else 🤬

huh so project farm confirmed what ive always thought, harbor freight batteries are a waste of money. i literally only use them when free.

What is that logo on the window. I thought it was magpul at first but im sure its chudier

Oh shit why didn't I think of this. Take this shitty forums that force you to accept cookies to see posts

Never thought about this before, but the #Firefox "Reader View" is a decent way to bypass some adblock detectors.

hey look, the smartphones by that one megacorp are now only $200 more than you'd ever be willing to pay instead of $300 more

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