@Ianj001 ive seen a lot of irwin extractors but i dont know if i want to drop that much on it

@Ianj001 i saw that originally but the reviews sound like its chinese garbage. i already need to take back the harbor freight bullshit that didnt work

fugg i broke the head off a m6 bolt and cant get it out now. anyone have a good extractor recommendation?

@Sir_Boops yeah they connect the sway bar. tried to take them off to get more room to swing my hub around to also replace the studs. stripped the allen and had to destroy them

@Sir_Boops what could go wrong yolo.

on a side note, im picking up front end links because i stripped mine out doing my brakes

i really hate the fact that my flex head ratch wrenches only go up to 15mm like what happened to 17 and 19? at least i havent lost the 10mm one yet

@bob @switchingsocial i mean their users are a bunch of chuds as is. not to mention the politcs of the creators. ill just hard pass

Yay we have sun! So instead of a short lunchtime walk, I did some weeding in my tiny veggie garden. As I ended up neglecting it after summer, it’s a huge mess. Still far from ready, but if it’s operational beginning of March, that’s fine with me. Now I’m wondering if parsley can live one or two years, it doesn’t seem dead to me so ¯\_°(ツ)_/¯

ever go to lowe/home depot and look at all the dumb shit with murican flags on the box for no reason? i think i got the one that takes the cake, it was a green dual led screw in light bulb. not only has noone ever wanted on of these, the color green isnt in the flag, it wasnt made in the us

why do VOCs smell so good? is it the brain damage?

what gets off wood stain? some ran down my glove onto my arm and i wiped my nose and got it on my nose

Breadtube, twitter drama, racism, transphobia, call out culture Show more

Breadtube, twitter drama, racism, transphobia, call out culture Show more

anyone have any input on portable belt sanders? im looking for one currently

@queerquill i took it off mine because she was getting it caught on stuff but her collar has little glow in the dark skull and cross bones

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