fugg i broke the head off a m6 bolt and cant get it out now. anyone have a good extractor recommendation?

i really hate the fact that my flex head ratch wrenches only go up to 15mm like what happened to 17 and 19? at least i havent lost the 10mm one yet

Yay we have sun! So instead of a short lunchtime walk, I did some weeding in my tiny veggie garden. As I ended up neglecting it after summer, it’s a huge mess. Still far from ready, but if it’s operational beginning of March, that’s fine with me. Now I’m wondering if parsley can live one or two years, it doesn’t seem dead to me so ¯\_°(ツ)_/¯

ever go to lowe/home depot and look at all the dumb shit with murican flags on the box for no reason? i think i got the one that takes the cake, it was a green dual led screw in light bulb. not only has noone ever wanted on of these, the color green isnt in the flag, it wasnt made in the us

why do VOCs smell so good? is it the brain damage?

what gets off wood stain? some ran down my glove onto my arm and i wiped my nose and got it on my nose

anyone have any input on portable belt sanders? im looking for one currently

my cat is sitting on my lap watching me look at other cats on mastodon

Why arguments against a 70% marginal tax rate for income over $10 million is absurd (look at all that money they'd STILL have):

6$ for all these washers. i guess its cheaper than going to the dealer to replace studs

Im pretty sure 1/2 the people at work took the day off. Explain to me why I need to work 40+ hours a week?

Replaced the future in laws toilet float so I got some good boy points. I think in close to passing their son when he does dumb stuff

Sweet rye bread, spiced with cardamom, orange zest and aniseed, made with light rye flour and honey

It’s been wrapped in oiled paper in the cupboard for two days to finish. It tastes delicious!

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